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When you contact us, we guide you to place yourfirst and subsequent orders with us, and get assured of the following benefits;

  • Originality

We write all our papers from scratch. When wereceive your instructions, we have a team to do a comprehensive review as thefirst step of identifying the most appropriate writer. After assigning awriter, we offer any necessary guidance to ensure that they produce a paperthat is 100% original. This is free from any form of plagiarism.

  • Confidentiality

Just as you do, we also value your sense of privacy.We owe you the obligation to guard and protect your right to privacy wheneveryou share any personal details with us. Such details may include personal emailaddress, first and surnames, phone number as well as your state for purposes oftime zoning.

  • Money Back Guarantee

In a rare case that you do need feel satisfied withthe quality of our paper, you are free to contact us and file a dispute. OurDispute Resolution Unit shall conduct investigations into the claims withprovided evidence, and subsequently provide you with a full refund at theirdiscretion.

  • Customer Care Support

We have a great support team that will respond toall your answers at any stage of your order. Do not hesitate to contact us, dayand night to get updates from your writer, to ask a question regarding yourorder, to update any information, to change an aspect of it, or to add orremove any materials. Possible means of contact include live chat on thewebsite, phone call, email or text messages.

  • Fair Prices

Our pricing strategy is student-centered, havingunderstood the needs and ability of both high school and other learners in thetertiary institutions. In addition, the pricing strategy also focuses on theneed to deliver the ultimate value for your money. We look with keenness on theneeds of every client, and strive to deliver on each in the most affordablemanner. In every service, we strive to ensure that the team can deliver at yourbudget.

  • Discounts

We value and appreciate the need to have you pay theminimum possible, while we have a decent compensation for your writers andeditors. As such, you can save between 15% and 20% of the total cost of theorder. Feel free to contact our Support Team for a discount code when placingyour order. The more orders we get from you, the more discount you can get.

  • Strict Adherence to YourDeadline

The deadline as set by the customer is primary rulethat guides our relationship with the team of writers. We do not compromise onthe need to adhere to the timelines given by clients. Be sure to have yourpaper submitted before the stipulated time, which gives you a chance to reviewand ask for possible amendments before final submission to your professor.

  • Freedom

When you choose Advanced Custom Writing, you havefreedoms to choose your preferred writer. You have freedom to contact us anytime of day or night, the freedom to make any necessary adjustments on yourorder, and the freedom to choose either US or UK English. You also have thefreedom to choose premium or regular category of writers, among others.


Place an Order

This is easy and simple. On the website, please complete an order placement form, often labelled “ORDER NOW.” During this process, feel free to contact our Support Team for any help through the Live Chat button available on the same page. This should end with payment of the amount due.

  • WeAssign the Best Writer

After the payment, our team reviews yourinstructions, identifies, requests and assigns the most appropriate writer foryour order. Once assigned, you get an email notification, and subsequently, cancommunicate with your writer through our messaging system on the website.

  • YouReceive and Review the Completed Paper

Once the writer submits a paper to us, we review itand upload it to your account on our website. You will receive an emailnotification of a new file upload. After your review, feel free to share yourfeedback with us.

  • Downloadyour Order

After your review, and feel satisfied, mark theorder as finished and download the final paper, usually editable and printable.


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