Nanticoke Generating Station; Photo by George Pond

Grand Erie Energy Quest

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MANDATE: "To continue the quest for non-nuclear electricity production at Nanticoke and elsewhere in Canada," "ensure citizens have a democratic say in their energy future," "爱你啪福利导航 and "create public awareness on all energy options for Haldimand/Norfolk/Brant/Hamilton."

Grand Erie Energy Quest was founded because the county councils of Norfolk and Haldimand endorsed an Environmental Assessment on a nuclear reactor at Nanticoke without meaningful public debate on the risks and benefits of a nuclear station at Nanticoke. It will be the residents of Grand Erie that take on the risks of a nuclear station at Nanticoke. Grand Erie Energy Quest does not feel that the safety, financial and environmental risks as well as the long term management of nuclear waste have been debated, clarified and/or agreed to by our communities.


New Nanticoke Anti Nuclear Website - NoNuke.Net

An Educational Overview of the Nuclear Industry by the Prairie Island Coalition

The Real Costs of Cleaning Up Nuclear Waste: West Valley Nuclear Waste Site - November, 2008

A timely story, a CTV W5 video on Cameco nuclear waste and a community divided. Could this be us?

Nuclear Waste should be the bottom line in the decision process. PLEASE VIEW THESE MOVIES ON NUCLEAR WASTE!!.

Follow Bruce Power Erie/Nanticoke Nuclear Power Plant Proposal Environmental Assessment

Grand Erie Energy Quest launches petition seeking moratorium on Nanticoke nuclear development.

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C02; Have we lost sight of the real issues?