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Saturday, July 19, 2014

a mommy's iPhone photos explained....

....  I'm just gonna go ahead and admit that this post is a complete and total ripoff of this post here: http://www.bustle.com/articles/32177-what-i-instagrammed-vs-what-was-really-happening-or-my-entire-life-is-a-lie.  In order to understand my post, you might want to follow ye ole link above and then come back.

Ready?  None of these were instagrammed.  Why?  a.) I'm not on instagram, because 2.) I don't have the time.  I haven't even blogged in 2 years.  The baby who had celebrated her first birthday in one of my last posts is now 3 and has a baby brother named Seth, who is almost 6 months old.  I've been busy.  Plus, I kinda think blogging is so over.  But this was worth coming out of retirement for.  So without further ado, here is my iPhone photo library explained.

This is the only photo I have from my youngest child's baptism a few weeks ago.  It was taken on my mom's iPhone.  Considering I didn't even remember to take any photos on the day the older three children were baptized, I'm very proud of this shot.  Even if it is from a weird angle and I look like I'm attempting a ballet position with my foot placement.


I can't very well call this the coffee + shoes shot because who wears shoes around the house?  It should be noted that this particular cup of coffee was poured a little after 7am and tasted wonderful at 2pm when I finally got to drink it, after microwaving it twice.  If you look closely, you can see the freakish flip flop tan lines I have on my feet.  Those are not courtesy of a relaxing beach vacay.  I got them while swinging kids in the backyard.


I'm not attempting a water cleanse on purpose, but like most moms of young un's, I don't eat my first meal until late afternoon.  Occasionally, I've been stirring a spoonful of sugar into my water to ward off the mid-morning shakes.  Wreaks havoc on the waistline, but at least I'm conscious.


So, while this is not a true selfie because I didn't take it myself, it is the closest thing I've got to a selfie.  I don't take selfies.  I think its kind of weird when people do.  I don't know why, it just strikes me as a little odd.  This was taken by my 3 year old.  Looks like I'm either singing a song or trying to read a book to another child, while holding the baby.  Let it be noted that the children are not supposed to have my phone, ever.  So this was a renegade photo op.


You are looking at my children and some dear friends eating pizza off of paper plates.  Y'all, to a mom, that is gourmet.  You have fellowship plus food no one will complain about.  Gourmet.  Notice, we apparently didn't have enough seating to accommodate everyone, so my son is sitting on a stepladder.  We're all class here, folks.


Notice the large black box in the background I have provided for shoe storage.  Clearly, not one of us shoe wearers could be bothered.  Me included, because those are my hot pink flip flops.  Yes, the same ones responsible for my exotic foot tan.  I love the dirty sock just lying there.  There is only one, though.  There are two sneakers so I'm left wondering what happened to that other sock.  My guess is that the child who was wearing the sneakers is either still wearing one sock or was only wearing one sock to begin with.  Because kids do weird things like that.


I don't go to the farmer's market any more.  Don't have the time and when I do, I choose to nap.  I'm tired, y'all.  You'll have to settle for a peek into my produce drawer.  These are peaches bought at Sam's over a week ago.  They were not good so no one will eat them.  I can't bring myself to throw them out and I haven't been able to muster up the energy or time to put them into something edible, like a cobbler.  Deep down I know farmer's market peaches would be better.  Perhaps I should skip my nap today.


We went to the pool on Tuesday.  I forgot to put sunscreen on folks.  Everyone got sunburned, including the infant.  I felt like a terrible mom.  We came home and I asked the kids to please put everything on the back patio to dry.  It is now Saturday.  Everything out there has been rained on.  Twice.  The end.


This is my son's birthday cake from his third birthday.  In 3 weeks, that will have been 2 years ago.  I didn't bake this cake.  I asked a baby sitter to please bake it for me because I totally forgot to do it.  Yes, my son had a sitter ON HIS BIRTHDAY.  I had a surgery consult appointment that took precedence that day.  I was gone for almost 4 hours.  This "pastry" is so cool to me because my dear husband free-handed that Batman logo with gel icing.  No small feat indeed.  At least my son has an awesome dad.


I was up at 5:20am to feed this little man, who never went back to sleep.  So, I did what any mother interested in self preservation would do.  I took him out to the living room and put him in the swing where I knew he would be happy and might fall back to sleep.  I went back to my bed, and closed the door so his happy babbling wouldn't keep me awake.  I got another hour of sleep, only to be awakened by my oldest child asking if she could get the now sleeping baby out of the swing and play with him.  I said, "Absolutely not.", drug my exhausted self out of bed, and made breakfast for the 3 other children.  I was productive and it was early.

I don't have a FLOWERS ARE PRETTY shot.  No because I'm too busy for fresh flowers.  No, it actually keeps me sane to keep some pretties in a vase on my table.  However, this particular week I never made it to Walmart to get some.

Friday, May 18, 2012


In March, a certain someone turned 1!


Torturing the baby. (Who actually really enjoys it.)

Water play in the front yard.

Communicating to mommy without words...

Wicked bedhead.

more reading!

what a rascal.  pic got snapped a second too late.  there was major straining involving tippy toes and all.

my kids can be witty....

I have always suspected that the little people in this house are highly intelligent but today their brilliance was confirmed.Discovered that they have made a nasty old basketball their baby and have named it, "Poop."This way they can say things like, "I am going to throw poop at you." and "Come kiss my little poop."without consequence.Imagine my pride

Today we were "swimming" in the small plastic pool we have in the yard.  Daddy dearest was home for lunch, but as he had to go back to work, he was sitting off  a bit from the revelry.  At some point, Ethan walked over to him with a bucket full of water and a gleam in his eye.  Eric reminded him, "I have to go back to work.  I can't get wet, Buddy."  At this, Ethan turns to me with a wicked gleam in his eye, points and says, "But you can."

Yesterday Ethan was climbing into a small red rocking chair we have and jumping out of it.At one point, he turned around while in the chair to face the wall and I asked him, "Buddy, you going to try to jump out backwards?"My ever cautious middle child turns around to the front and says, "No, I'm gonna jump this-wards."

Convo with Emory over breakfast...."Mom, are we going to ever get a bigger house?" (we live in a small 3/1) "Why do you ask?""Well, what I really want is a house with stairs, like Philip's house.""I'm not sure if we'll ever have a house with stairs.It depends on what we find when we are ready to move.Ella Margaret will have to get bigger before mommy is ready to move.""Well, then, can I go and live with Philip until you are ready?".

One evening last week we went to see a small friend's school choral performance.  Afterwards we headed to Zaxby's, them for dinner and dessert for us.  I was by myself with all 3 kids (who sat almost all the way through the one hour performance.  Music is magical at our house!)  My children were generously provided with a milkshake courtesy of the friend's grandfather.  (The grandfather in this story is a dear friend, and has been a prominent figure in our church's denomination... that  denomination being the PCA.)  Hoping to drill home the difference that loving Jesus makes, I ask the kids on the way home, "What would make a man that generous to buy you a milkshake even if you are not his own grandchildren?"Emory says from the back of the van, "I bet he was born on the Sabbath.That has to be it, right mom?"

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mark Twain...

said the following....

"Be careless in your dress if you will, but keep a tidy soul."


"A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval."

I love these and I'll explain why later.  For now chew on this and let me know how it hits you.  I'm off to shower while the kids rot their brains out in front of Sesame Street and the baby naps.  Gotta dash!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

She's a keeper!

Want to know why we love this baby?  Let me count the ways....  ok, I'll just give you ten.  It's an appetizer, really.  Here goes:

1.) she's really cute.  I mean, just look at that face!
2.) she gives THE  BEST kisses.  She's the only one of my children thus far to love being kissed and to reciprocate the blessing.  *LOVE*
3.) she jabbers constantly in this really cute, non-feminine, guttural growl type noise.  We have no idea what she's saying, but it cracks us up.  Every time.
5.) She sleeps anywhere.  This is an invaluable tool.
6.) She can go all day without a nap, be held up impossibly past her bedtime, and still charm the pants off of anyone. 
7.) She is almost always smiling.  Seriously, we should have named her Joy.  If she's crying, we tend to actually pay attention because she. never. cries.  Never.
8.) Have I mentioned how really cute she is.  Just look at her.  So kissable!
9.) She mimics things we didn't even know we did.  I think she'll probably be our ham.  The class clown, if you will.
10.) Doesn't back down from a fight.  Can give it to big brother and sister as well as she can take it.  She has even been known to provoke a fight or two.  I love that she stands up for herself.

I love this kid!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

all things good...

..... we recently took a road trip where nothing went according to my plans.  Not a darn thing.  I was frustrated, anxious, and even a bit irritated with God that my plans had been so hijacked.  As I was licking my wounds on Monday morning, doing all the laundry that comes home with you after a road trip, and pondering how the frustrating things that happened on that trip could be considered good, it occurred to me that I had Romans 8:28 completely wrong.  I've always read that as "God only sends good thing to His people."  Um, I don't think so. 

This past year has been really, really hard for a whole bunch of reasons I won't go into here, but very few of the things that happened to make it hard are "good".  I haven't been totally truthful with myself, but I've been getting angrier and angrier with God for all the hard things when I was believing He had promised me nothing but good.  Which meant, to me, that when  a hard thing came, I had to be happy about it because it had to be good somehow. 

On Monday, I finally gave myself permission (or maybe the Holy Spirit did when He whispered this truth to my heart) to see all the hard things as bad.  They are bad.  We live in a sinful, fallen world and there is no way that everything that happens to us is good.  But, we can't stay there just knowing that the things are bad because it will only cause us to harden our hearts, which is not at all fruitful or even good for us.  Ever been around someone with a heart hardened by life?  Not fun.  I tend to avoid those people, don't you?

Here is God's promise in Romans 8:28 ".... in all things God works for the good of those who love Him....." (emphasis mine!).  He doesn't promise me all good things.  How can I share in the sufferings of Christ if all things coming down the pipe of my life are grand?  But, my heavenly Father, who cares me for me as tenderly as I tend to my newborn babies, promises me that He will take the yucky, tainted things that happen to me and weave them into something that is good for me.  I can swallow that pill far more easily than trying to drum up false joy at the next trial that comes my way because I'm believing a lie that I have to find all things good.  Guess who whispered that lie to me for 34 years?  And, I fell for it.

Not any more.  I'm going to trust my Father the way I teach my children to trust me.  I have something I do around here when I've made a decision the kids don't like and their mouths gape open in horror that I would deny them some joy or pleasure that they desire.  I get right on their level and ask them, "Does mama love you?  Does mama want good things for you?  Please trust me, I have a plan."  A lot of times, it actually works and the child calms down enough to listen to mama remind them of times it looked like mama was destroying their hopes and dreams, but really had better things waiting in the wings for them.

I can almost hear Him audibly, "Have I ever failed you?  You can trust me even when it seems like you can't.  I know something you don't know yet.  I have a plan for you, to prosper you and not to harm you.  I will never hurt you."(Jeremiah 29:11)  Maybe I can start to listen a bit.  Isn't it interesting that His actual requirements are not nearly as harsh as I make them out to be when I am throwing a spiritual temper tantrum?  We can trust Him. His yoke is easy and His burden is light (see Matt 11:28-30).  Throw off the temptation to  approach God like the Israelites in the desert and allow Him to draw you close as Jesus did the small children.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

the end of the day....

..... with one child, goes a little something like this....
"Thank goodness it is almost 5:00 and Eric will be home soon and there will someone else to talk to."

.... with two children, goes a little something like this...
"Look at that!  It's already 5:00!  Daddy will be home soon."

....with three children, goes a little something like this....
"Holy crap!  It's almost 5:00 and Eric will be home soon, and just look at this place!  Holy crap!"
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