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June 23rd / Todays Post



快猫破解版老司机必备June 23, 2020 | Categories: edfella-yestoday| Comments Off on June 23rd / Todays Post

June 21st / Todays Post


Fathers Day 2020: Immigration papers, photograph, Eduard Fella, 1926

June 20th / Todays Post

Summer Solstice 2020

June 16th / Todays Post

My 2020 Bloomsday today.

June 15th / Todays Post

Two 2006 ˇ°rubbingˇ± drawings.

June 14th / Todays Post

Flag Day Sunday June 14th 2020

June 12th / Todays Post

Current cartoons from small pocket sketch book.

June 9th / Todays Post

Two collages (one on Polaroid discard), from 1989 and the other, from 2002.

June 8th / Todays Post

Two 2019 drawings, one kinda pretty and the other not so.

June 7th / Todays Post

A combo of commonplace scary photo or film tropes.