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Noisy Room !
We install in the GTA

奶头图片Do you have a loud office, boardroom, conference room or restaurant.
We can reduce the noise by 40% to 50%.

We manufacture, deliver and install acoustic solutions in and around the GTA.


奶头图片Are you an Architect, Designer, or Contractor?
Please submit any inquiries for Novawall Acoustic solutions, Edge Hardened acoustic panels, Zintra alternative, Ezobord alternative, Avanti alternative and Filzfelt alternative.


Looking to stop noise transferring from room to room?

Buy Direct

Buy acoustic panels in Canada. We are Canadian owned and operated. We offer next day shipping on our 2'x4' Platinum acoustic panels across Canada.
Looking for custom sizes?? - our panels range in size from 2'x2' to 4'x8'

Reduce noise by 40% to 50%.

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Acoustic Products &?Services:

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Noisy Office?

Echo in your Office?

We can help!

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Noisy office? - we can help

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Noisy Restaurant?


We can help!

Noisy Restaurant? - we can help

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Our showroom is in Oakville.
We work in Toronto.

Acoustic panels location in Toronto

Our Acoustic Panels come in different sizes and colours

acoustic wall panels in Toronto
acoustic wall panels in the GTA
acoustic sound panels in Toronto Canada

We can also print photos and artwork

acoustic wall panels for restaurants in toronto Canada
acoustic wall panels for offices canada

Acoustic Panels

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Reduce noise levels by 35% to 45%

We manufacture in Toronto

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We guarantee

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Acoustic Panels

Made in Toronto, Canada
Designed for

Offices & Restaurants

In Toronto.

acoustic panels canada - we manufacture for offices and restaurants

We manufacture

We manufacture acoustic panels to custom sizes in our manufacturing facility in 奶头图片, Ontario, Canada.

We don't import acoustic panels from the US or China.

we install the acoustic panels for you

We Install

We Install the acoustic panels ourselves with our own employees.

We don't subcontract the installation out.

This should give you an idea of some possibilities

acoustic panel beside acoustic panels beside acoustic panels ontario canada
beautiful acoustic panel print in an office
acoustic wall panel with picture of toronto on acoustic panel
toronto acoustic panels at burdock canada
acoustic panels installed in hamilton ontario canada
acoustic panels on the ceiling at Jakes restaurant
acoustic panel installation in toronto canada
acoustic wall panels and sound panels on the wall in an office in toronto ontario canada

a few of our customers

The Process:

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Quick Form RequestSend us Pictures and Dimensions

Here are the steps that we take together to solve your acoustic issues:

Step 1 of acoustic panels installation - send pictures

Send us Pictures and Dimensions

send pictures of room for acoustic panels to TheQuietRoom

1. Take a few pictures (with your phone or tablet) of the room(s). Ceilings and walls.

2. Figure out the approximate length, width and height of each room.

3. Email the pictures and dimensions:?to?

Step 2 of acoustic panels installation - estimate

sara Will Provide you with aN Estimate will send an estimate for acoustic panels

Sara will email you an estimate the same day.

This typically isn't a formal quote, but an estimate that has a low and high threshold.

Step 3 of acoustic panels installation - approve estimate

Email us an approval (or disapproval)

approve our estimate for acoustic panels

If the estimate is within your budget, email us an approval, so that we can arrange to come onsite to provide a formal quote.

Call us with any questions regarding the budget range!

Step 1 of acoustic panels installation - arrange onsite visit

Sara will Arrange An onsite visit

arrange acoustic panels site visit

If the estimate is within your budget range, we will arrange an onsite visit to take formal measurements, so we can provide a formal quote for manufacturing and installing the acoustic panels.

Usually we can be onsite within a week.

Step 5 of acoustic panels installation - onsite visit

A Technician will visit with you onsite

acoustic panels site visit by acoustic technician

When we arrive onsite, we will take pictures and measurements to provide a formal quote.

We use a?proven?mathematical formula?to calculate?how many acoustic panels are required.

We will also leave you with sample acoustic panel fabric swatches to choose your fabric.

Step 6 of acoustic panels installation - email formal quote

Sara will Email you a formal Quote

acoustic panels formal quote

Within a few days Sara will email you a formal quote for your review and approval.

We will also send an acoustic panel layout, that outlines the size and placement of each acoustic panel.

Step 7 of acoustic panels installation - provide deposit

You Provide a deposit

deposit for acoustic panels

Provide a deposit in the form of Visa, MasterCard or cheque.

For credit cards we can take your card number on the phone or send you a form to fill in.

Sara will also confirm the fabric chosen for the acoustic panels.

Step 8 of acoustic panels installation - schedule manufacturing and installation date

Sara will Schedule the Manufacturing and Install Dates

schedule manufacturing and installation date for acoustic panels

Sara will work with you to have the acoustic panels manufactured, delivered and installed within 2 to 3 weeks.

We will need to know if there is a loading dock etc.

Step 9 of acoustic panels installation - Deliver and install acoustic panels

Our Technicians will Deliver &?install the acoustic panels

deliver and install acoustic panels

Our Technicians will install the acoustic panels, at a time convenient for you. We are fully equipped to install at heights of over 40 feet, and we are fully insured.

We install the acoustic panels on your off hours.

Step 10 of acoustic panels installation- balance of payment

Provide us with the balance of Payment

acoustic panels balance of payment

Provide us with the balance of payment.

And, tell us how the the acoustic panels are working for you!

Don't forget our guarantee,

How do the panels work?

The acoustic panels we install, captures sound and stops the echo in a room.

The image on the top right is a sound wave of sound echoing in a room for 4 seconds.

The image on the bottom is a sound wave captured after the installation of our TQR Panels..

Request more Information!

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With customers in:

We love our clients !

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Our Team

We are a close family of talented and driven people that strive to deliver quality and honesty. All located in Oakville, and Toronto, Canada.

Acoustic Panels - Josh Thackray - Acoustic Panels in Canada at toronto Canada

josh Thackray

289-351-1544?ext 600

Our work is built with integrity and attention to detail. I?oversee all of the manufacturing and acoustic panels installations.

Acoustic panels - Miriam Thackray - Acoustic Panels inToronto Canada

miriam Thackray

Corporate Accounts
289-351-1544?ext 600

Miriam manages corporate accounts, and outside acoustic panels sales.

Acoustic Panels Canada at Toronto Ontario Canada

Luke Thackray

Sales Support?
289-351-1544 ext 601

Luke provides sales support, and assists with the marketing efforts.

Acoustic Panels in Canada at toronto ontario Canada Sara Thackray

Sara Thackray

289-351-1544 ext 605

Sara provides acoustic panels inside sales support.

Acoustic Panels - Jonathan Saint Clair - Acoustic Panels at - Toronto Canada

Jonathan saint clair


Jon is involved with acoustic panel manufacturing and installation.

Acoustic Panels in Canada at the - Tijana

Tijana cota


Tijana is involved with the acoustic panel finishing process.

chloe-acoustic panels builder in Canada at the quiet room

Chloe Hebbron


Chloe is involved with the assembly of the acoustic panels.

Acoustic panels Canada - new-hires-at-the-quiet-room-making-acoustic-panels

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Some Technical stuff

Acoustic panels are used to reduce the noise in offices, studios, homes, restaurants, churches, gymnasiums, lobbies, pools, banquet halls, in homes and recreational spaces.

Our acoustic panels can reduce noise by 35% to 45%.

echo in office in toronto
choosing an acoustic panel supplier in Toronto

There are many different types, and sizes of acoustic panels. Some look better than others, and some perform better than others. We see so many people get caught up in the science of acoustics, which is important for a home theatre, but can be futile when trying dampen an office or restaurant.

The safest route to go, when choosing an acoustic panel supplier and installer is find someone local, and accountable, and get a guarantee. We are located in Toronto, Canada.

We provide a simple guarantee that minimizes the risk for the client.

Two words, cost effectiveness. Acoustical panels are the most cost effective and aesthetically pleasing to reduce room noise by 35% to 45%. Read more about other options, acoustic baffles, acoustic diffusers, acoustic clouds, acoustic wood.

Yes, our acoustical panels look great The panel construction, along with the high quality acoustic fabric, make our acoustic panels look like they belong. If you opt for the printed decorative acoustical panels, the graphics, images, and text are are stunning. We recommend printing on only a few of the panels, and use standard complimentary fabric for the rest, the printing can be overwhelming to the eyes in an office or restaurant.

Yes, acoustic panel placement is important in a room. It is ideal to install the acoustic panels on 2 to 3 perpendicular surfaces. We are not always able to address all the wall and ceiling areas that we would like, due to furniture, fixtures, conduit, pictures etc. The proper coverage and acoustic panel configuration is just as important as the panels themselves. If I had a choice, I would choose coverage over NRC rating.

acoustic panels for offices

We are always asked: How can I reduce the noise level in my office? People in the office are complaining the noise levels are excessive. Boardrooms and offices are often built like boxes, with flat, parallel, reflective surfaces. Acoustic panels can reduce the echo in your office,

They eliminate echo in your conference room. The parties on the other end of the conference call, will notice there is no longer and echo.

If you are experiencing acoustic issues in your office, we can solve your office echo problem.

Don't invest in another speakerphone yet. The problem may be the room.

Have us assess the room and provide some "acoustic loaner panels" to test out.

Our Office Acoustic panels can eliminate office and boardroom echo completely, by simply absorbing the reflected sound. We can help you with your acoustic problems.

Boardroom echo is a common problem, and can make it difficult to hold meetings, or teleconference calls. Echo can be reduced to a level that is acceptable and in many cases totally eliminated. Read More about boardroom echo.

How do I know how many acoustic panels need to be installed? Have a look at our acoustic panel coverage calculator. Don't forget that the panel placement is just as important the proper amount of acoustic coverage.
Read what Quora has to say about echo in a room

When is an office or conference room too loud?

This is very subjective. If you have internal meetings and people at the end of the table are straining to understand you, you have a noise issue. If the person on the other end of the phone call, says you are echoey, you have a noise problem. If you leave the room, and all of sudden everything sounds quieter, you probably have an office noise problem.

We often get inquiries requesting soundproofing panels. This term can be ambiguous and can mean different things to different people. Soundproofing is very different than sound dampening. Our acoustic panels dampen sound. In terms of absolutes, there is no such thing as a soundproof panel.

Soundproofing is sound blocking, unfortunately our acoustic panels will not stop the sound of voices travelling from one room to another. Soundproofing a wall typically involves some light construction,

The source of sound leak can be around doors, exposed hvac registers and air intakes, and poor quality ceiling tiles. Interior walls are sometimes responsible for allowing sound to transfer in and out of a room. Although drywall walls look solid, they are nothing but some chalk and paper. People are often surprised when they can hear voices coming from the other side of the wall.

We can help reduce the echo and noise in your office,where the noise you are trying to reduce is generated in the room.

Click here for a basic understanding of soundproofing vs sound reduction.

For a comprehensive definition of soundproofing vs sound reduction. click below.

We get lots of calls, from people that are trying to stop noise from travelling from one room to another. In order to stop sound, which is essentially vibrations, you will have to employ dense material on the surface that the sound is travelling through, This can be expensive, time consuming and costly. Unfortunately acoustic panels don't help with that. For a full explanation of soundproofing Read more...

acoustic desk partitions

Acoustic desk partitions are used to provide privacy in an open concept office where there desks are close to each other. There is a common misconception, that acoustic desk partitions will stop voices carrying across from desk to desk in an office or call center.

acoustic panels canada

Decorative acoustic panels, are panels that are wrapped with custom printed fabric. For example, you might want to print your logo, an image or your branding. They are just as effective acoustically, as we use special fabric to print on. Unfortunately printing can cost almost the same as the panel themselves.

NRC?is an acronym that stands for?Noise Reduction Coefficient.?This term describes how well an object or surface absorbs incoming sound. An?NRC?rating of .8 or better is ideal for room acoustic treatment for offices and restaurants.

sound reflections

Sound reflection is the physical event of sound bouncing from surface to surface in a given area or room, causing echo or sound reverberation. Diffusion or absorption will address the problem caused by sound reflections.

Sound reverberation is the technical measurement of sound reflections, measured with frequency, response times and decay. ?Acoustic panels are used to reduce sound reverb in a room.

Soundproofing is the process of stopping sound from traveling from one area to another. Acoustic panels do not help with this. If you have a sound issue that is related sound escaping, bleeding or travelling from one space to another, Some people search for sound blocking panels, unfortunately these do not exist.

Soundproofing is the answer, not sound dampening. To better understand the differences between soundproofing and sound dampening, Read More...

White noise?can be broadcast in an office environment, to help cover up distracting noises. Typically this noise is static and constant. Unfortunately White Noise will not ?help reduce room echo and reverb in an office or restaurant. Open concept offices often utilize a combination of white noise and acoustic panels to reduce the noise and increase privacy.

sound masking

Sound Masking?is similar to white noise, but is more dynamic and customizable to specific environments. Some sound masking systems are highly adaptable and learn on their own. Sound masking will not help with room echo and acoustic panels will not help with privacy issues.

Environmental Acoustics provides sound masking solutions in Toronto, for offices, auditoriums and call centers.

acoustic foam

Acoustic Foam?is commonly found in recording studios and is typically made from polyether or polyester, or?melamine. It comes in different sizes and shapes and is easily cut. Acoustic foam is generally not used in acoustic panels. The typical installation method is glue, directly to the wall. Acoustic foam is not used in professional environments, due to aesthetics. sells this product.

What is acoustic treatment? Much like window treatment refers to curtains and such, that affect the light passing through the window, acoustic treatment refers to products and fixtures that affect, the behaviour of sound in a given space. Here is a great article on acoustic treatment. Read more about acoustic treatment on this site.

Echo reduction panels are simply another name for acoustic panels, designed to absorb sound waves reflecting from surface to surface, in a room.

The phrase: "room acoustics" is used to describe how sound behaves in a room, and is generally used by the music community. For a live music performance, a room with "good room acoustics", means the room will have a little, natural reverb. A room with poor "room acoustics" will have annoying echo and reverb. Read more about Room acoustics. The proper amount and placement ?of acoustic panels can be utilized to manage reverb and echo to provide the desired room acoustics.

Acoustic panels?also known as acoustic sound panels, sound absorbing panels, or just sound panels

Acoustic panels are typically made in sizes from 1'x1' to 4'x8' and ranging in thickness from 1" to 2". Other manufactures may offer acoustic panels that come in different shapes and size.

They are the most cost effective solution to achieve noise attenuation, in an office or restaurant. The inside of the panel is made with acoustic media that converts sound to heat, There is usually an internal frame to provide the panel with clean lines and allow for installation. The panel is then wrapped with acoustically transparent fabric or vinyl.

Figure out what are the best acoustic panels for you.

Our acoustic panels for walls?are simply acoustic panels that designed to be installed on walls as opposed to ceilings. They are cheaper to manufacture and install than ceiling panels. We supply and install acoustic wall panels in offices and restaurants.

acoustic baffles in office

Acoustic baffles?also known as acoustic sound baffles, or just Sound baffles?.

They typically come in cylinder, rectangle and square shapes.

Acoustic baffles cannot be installed on a ceiling where there are sprinkler heads installed.

Acoustic baffles hang from the ceiling by wire. Baffles are effective, but because they are typically smaller than acoustic panels, more baffles are needed to cover the same space. Unfortunately, baffles will intrude on your line of sight, and have a tendency to lower the perceived height of the ceiling. For a comprehensive overview of acoustic baffles..?Read more?. For this reason acoustic panels are the most widely used solution to resolve room echo, reverb and noise.

Not every vendor in the Toronto area will make acoustic baffles, most of the time they are brought in from the States.

acoustic diffuser

Acoustic diffusers?are designed primarily for music studios. They are made of hard objects, at different angles. These diffusers will break up sound upon impact, to reflect an imperfect reflection, eliminating echo and reverberation. Acoustic diffusers can be costly and often don't fit in with the architecture in offices and restaurants. They are more commonly utilized in offices and restaurants.
There are not many vendors out of the Toronto area that sell acoustic diffusers. Most the vendors that provide this product are out of the US.

acoustic wood panel

?It may come as a surprise, but there is such a thing as acoustic wood panels. They are engineered panels in standard sizes, usually with slats in them, to let the sound in. The key to these panels, is behind the wood, there is acoustic cotton or felt lining, to actually absorb the sound, The wood itself does not absorb any sound. Read more about acoustic wood panels.

acoustic blankets

Acoustic blankets are used as temporary fixes, to solve acoustic issues. They don't look good, but they are cheap and they do the job. Just make sure that if you are using them any other than your home, make sure they are fire rated.

spray foam

We get asked if spray foam can dampen the noise in a room. Typically spray foam is used as an insulator but does absorb sound, but not much. There are special acoustic coatings that you can apply to the spray foam that will dampen the noise in a room, but those are upwards of $7 / square foot. If you do use spray foam, you will need to coat it with intumescent paint, for the proper fire rating if you don't install drywall over it. This paint is available at Sherwin Williams and Home Depot. Contego also offers fire rated paint

Acoustic paint

There is a product called acoustic paint. This product is designed to form a layer that is helpful for soundproofing, not sound absorption. The paint is very expensive and provides very little soundproofing value.

Acoustic ceiling tiles are prefabricated tiles, designed to fit in a t-bar suspended ceiling. These tiles are quite different than our acoustic ceiling panels.

Some acoustic panels manufacturers offer acoustic vinyl covering, instead of acoustic fabric. This is ideal for hygienic areas, pools, kitchens and spas. Even though one might think that vinyl would essential reflect sound, it actually transfers the vibrations to the core of the panel, reflecting very little back into the space.

decibel reader

Decibel readers are used to measure sound pressure. These devices are useful for acoustic engineers that measure sound and it's frequency for the purpose of isolating specific frequencies. They are not typically used in conjunction with the installation and configuration of acoustic panels, as the decibel reader does not measure where the sound is reflected, and does not measure reverb. Long & McQuade is a Canadian company that sells this product.

Acoustic echo cancelation

Acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) is a software or hardware solution for telephone systems, where voices seem to echo or repeat. This is a digital solution usually employed in offices or boardrooms, when the party on the other end of the phone complains of echo.

acoustic panels canada

There are many vendors to purchase acoustic panels, and acoustic baffles from in the US. But few acoustic panel manufacturers in Canada that both provide the acoustic panels and install them. Read more to find out where you can buy acoustic panels in Canada,

We are Canadian. We are physically located in Canada. Our acoustic panels are manufactured in Toronto. We deliver and install. We provide a turnkey solution for offices and restaurants in Toronto.
There is a great company that sells acoustic panels called "Acoustic panels Canada". They are a great option for those people that want to install the acoustic panels themselves. They supply wall and ceiling acoustic panels. They are one of the most economical solutions, that are designed to be installed by the end user. They ship locally from Mississauga.

What type of installations are most common in Toronto

Most our installations in Toronto are offices that are typically older builders with some drywall , and alot of concrete. Installing into concrete can actually increase the install time by about 50%. With the older buildings in Toronto can become an issue. We have special vacuum attachments to catch all the dust, before it falls.

Where are most of your acoustic panels installed?

acoustic panels canada toronto

Most of our are installations are in Offices and Restaurants in Toronto, Canada. It seems to be the location of biggest demand. Our panels are also installed the surrounding cities, like Mississauga, Vaughan, Brampton, Richmond Hill.

Toronto is challenging to navigate, especially with a trailer full of acoustic panels. We typically will incur at least one $60 parking ticket per day during an install, due to the parking issues.

Acoustic panels in Worship centers.

acoustic panels in worship center

Worship centers are subject to a few different audio dynamics. They usually have a worship team, with drums, guitars, pianos and vocals. Then there is the public speaker, which is different audio dynamic altogether. To manage the audio dynamics in this space is challenging. The look of the acoustic treatment also needs to worthy of a worship space. In spaces this size, proper coverage is the big factor, without it, slap echo may be a problem.

An acoustic consultant is an acoustic engineer that will survey your space with physical acoustic meters and equipment. They will usually bring the results back to their lab and analyse the audio files on a computer. They will make recommendations, but refer all of the work out to Acoustic installers. There are three or four consultants in the Toronto area:

Swallow Acoustics:?
366 Revus Ave #23,
Mississauga, ON L5G 4S5, Canada

1004 Middlegate Road, Suite 1100
Mississauga,?Ontario?Canada,?L4Y 0G1

30 Wertheim Ct #25,
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1B9 Canada

They can be made from many different materials, Read more here. The materials used for the inside of the panels range from cotton, fibreglass, felt, and other synthetic materials. We make our panels with an internal frame made from extruded aluminum.

acoustic room kits

Acoustic panel room kits are packaged set of acoustic panels designed for home theatres and home recording studios. These kits have been engineered for specific sizes of rooms. The kits usually include a few diffusers, a few ceiling panels and quite a few wall panels. Looking for an alternative vendor for acoustic panels?

If you live in Canada, and are looking to make your own acoustic panels?. Read more to find out how.

We also have extra material that we can provide to you at no cost if you come by the shop. We would be happy to provide you with enough acoustic fibreglass to build a few acoustic panels of your own.

When searching the phrase ,acoustic panels for sale , consider that many suppliers do not install the panels themselves. In some cases a supplier may subcontract the work out.

We have a developed a unique construction method that provides incredible strength, the best fire rating and provides for extremely clean and tight lines for aesthetics. Our panels are made right here in our shop, in Oakville, Toronto Canada. We are proud to be one of the few Canadian companies that make and install their own acoustic panels.

Installing the panels yourself

We prefer to install the acoustic panels, but we would be happy to supply the acoustic panels. Read our installation instructions too.

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