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    我的竹马是太子Parrish Reporting has an established history of providing seamless court reporting, video conferencing, and video services for depositions, arbitrations, trials, meetings, and conferences nationwide. We employ certified shorthand reporters and a friendly, knowledgeable staff who are ready to meet your case management needs 24/7.

  • 我的竹马是太子

    Headquartered in Santa Monica with offices in Newport Beach and Ventura, Parrish Reporting has complimentary conference rooms for convenient on-site depositions.Our global network allows us to arrange for highly talented, accurate court reporters, conference rooms, videographers, or video conferencing anywhere in the world.

  • 我的竹马是太子

    At Parrish Reporting, we pride ourselves on supplying reliable, experienced court reporters, and are personally committed to delivering a quality product, on time and accurately.We understand the complex litigation in which you are engaged, and believe that you should have access to the latest technology to simplify your life.


For more information on our court reporting, litigation support, video conferencing or legal video services, call Parrish Reporting today at我的竹马是太子, or email us at depos@parrishreporting.com. To schedule a reporter online, please fill out ourSchedule a Reporter form. We have representatives available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



Bruce Graham
Bruce N. Graham & Associates

"I am pleased to recommend Parrish Reporting as the finest court reporting firm with whom I have ever worked. I have utilized the services of Parrish Reporting in a variety of cases, both large and small, complex and simple. Every one of their reporters is professional, highly competent, and well qualified."

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