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Sometimes it is possible to find a plan on a dead link by deleting the end of the URL back to the home page where it ends at ".com" and locating a new link from there.

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Free plans to build boats.

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Designs to use as patterns for your projects

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Projects for inside the home.

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Projects to build for and with children

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sailboat patent drawing
Frame for illustration only

This is an example from our nautical category, many others to choose from such as, photography, tools, steam engines and farm implements, something for everybody!

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Vintage Internet Plans is a collection of free Mission Style furniture plans taken from publications dating back to the late 1800's, many of these may well have been the working drawings of projects that survived to become today's sought after collectibles. Mission Style Furniture is a design style that grew out of the Arts & Craft Movement. Called Mission because of its exposed construction, simple lines, rectilinear style, and use of plain materials such as oak, leather and canvas.


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wood lathe

A Course in Wood Turning - Online Reprint

Wood turning has had a definite place in the commercial world for a great many years. It is used in various forms in making furniture and furniture parts, building trim, tool parts, toys, athletic paraphernalia and many other useful and beautiful articles in common use.

This book was written in 1919 as a school text book to be used in shop classes, great way to learn the basics.

workbench drawing
CarpentryFor Boys by J.S. Zerme, M.E. - OnlineReprint

A 1914 book which treats, in amost practical and fascinating manner all subjectspertaining to the "King of Trades"; showing the careand use of tools; drawing; designing; and the layingout of work. The principles involved in the buildingof various kinds of structures, and the rudiments ofarchitecture. It contains over two hundred and fiftyillustrations made especially for this work, andincludes also a complete glossary of the technicalterms used in the art. The most comprehensive volumeon this subject ever published for boys.
Note: By "boys" he refers to apprentices.


The Steel Square and Its Uses - Online Reprint

There is nothing of more importance to a young man who is learning the business of house-joinery and carpentry, than that he should make himself thoroughly conversant with the capabilities of the tools he employs. It may be that, in some of the rules shown in this work, the result could be attained much readier with other aids than the square; but the progressive mechanic will not rest satisfied with one method of performing operations when others are within his reach.



There are a lot of videos that can be best described as having bad information out there,
I have decided to list some I have found to contain good sound content.

Make an accurate box joint jig, simple and fast

Setting up a Bandsaw by Alex Snodgrass