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Sunday, January 9, 2011


I've got a LOT to write about since my last post, but now I want to get today off my chest first because it's the freshest. (!)

This story began at the inception of DUMC Punctuation Ministry's newest initiative and main focus for the year 2011, the Academy for Performing Arts known henceforth as the VESSEL. Courses to be held in the evenings and/or weekends cover the various aspects of the performing arts scene, namely singing, acting and dancing. Applicants had to audition in song, act and dance for admission which was limited to only 15 for this year.
The day for me was quite hectic. I had to shuffle to and fro from my family and DC, cos' it's my grandmother's birthday when we celebrate with a longevity-noodle breakfast and a birthday luncheon, and then I was serving in the choir in church, all the while doing some last-minute preparation for the auditions later. It was gratifying, to say the least, to have Cathy and Amy, the other two MadWorlders serving in worship this weekend, encouraging me and advised me on my singing. Thanks to you both, as well as to Angie, Melissa and my own cell for your support and prayers!

So, in the early afternoon of this hallowed second Day of the Lord, around 20 budding thespians gathered at Concourse 2 of the Dream Centre awaited their entry into Hall 2 at 2.00pm.
And from MadWorld, no less than FOUR turned up: Rebekah, Sammie, Amanda and myself! "All around me are familiar faces", and it was great to know that the Vessel's inaugural batch of students will have a touch of MadWorld influence,  as it can be certain that some if not all of us will be admitted!

Before the actual auditioning process, we were treated to introductions by Pastor Mike Ngui, who as the pastor in charge will be overseeing the spiritual aspect of this Christian theatre, developing the maturity of VESSEL's students, as well as Mdm Chow Hung Lan, head of Punctuation and Principal of the academy. After, the auditions well and truly began, where the auditioned are required to interpret a monologue given beforehand, and then perform it again based on the given direction, followed by singing on the far side of the room "for vocal projection", and finally a short interview by Hung Lan.
During the four hours that followed, we saw friends going in and out, discussing MadWorld and the pros and cons of going first or last during one-on-one auditions. Amanda had to sing a different song because her worship song was too simple; Rebekah had to deal with her flu and so it wasn't her best, but she was using her callback song from MadWorld and Sammie said her projection was excellent (way to go!); Sammie nearly croaked but held it back towards the end of her song, but found it quite hard to do the second monologue interpretation; I had trouble with my first interpretation but was fine after that, but I sang out of habit (that is to say, almost the same with my many practices since Amy's coaching that morning) so I didn't know how THAT one went. It was a really long wait overall. The plus side is the side dishes: Daryll, Gabriel, Mei Yern, Shaun, Melvin, Zara, and Reuben from MadWorld all came and went! Their presence alone lifted our spirits for the unnerving tests, and many gave more besides.

After four hours of waiting till our nerves nearly broke, the last applicant finally finished her audition, and it was time for the dance test, where all of us joined in at once. It consisted of warm-ups, some ballet movements and a jazz (ballroom dance) routine. To be quite honest, I don't know how he would remember which of us he will admit. For that matter, I don't even know what criteria they were using to screen us...
This reminded me so much of MadWorld! I kept looking at Amanda to gauge her reactions to the exercises that I believe are all too familiar to her! Besides which, I finally appreciate what my sister is or will be doing in her ballet classes, and the jazz just threw me back to my boarding school days when I took beginners' ballroom dancing classes at RM10 per class! It was quite similar to the samba and rock n' roll steps that I learned, and I would be all the more enthusiastic if he would just ... slow down! LOL Honestly, my old instructor William took it quite slow for us, which is just nice and made learning the dance so much more enjoyable. But the "after-effects" are exactly the same: on my way home I kept rehearsing the moves, in the carpark on my way to the lift, and even in the shower (okay, too much info!), much like what I would have done back in school!

The auditions officially ended with a prayer led by Hung Lan, who informed us that the "results" will be out by the end of this week (ending on the 16th), and for the successful applicants a team-building exercise will be held sometime on the 23rd or 30th of this same month.
Briefly? Phew! One whole week of waiting! I don't think I can stand it! All fingers and toes crossed and praying for the best!


For me it was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time! There were some things that I was proud and glad of, less that I was not, and at the end of the audition I find myself just enjoying learning the dance steps so much I didn't feel like an audition for me. I am just yearning for more dance lessons so much that I am desperately wanting to be accepted into the academy now!

But above the drama coaching (which would be a refreshing first for me in a LONG time), the vocal training (that I REALLY need), and even the dance lessons, my main inspiration for joining the VESSEL is the spiritual aspect of it. I am most eager (yea, even ecstatically excited!) for the accountability programme that Punctuation offers, complementing the artistic training. The spiritual input and guidance from church pastors and leaders in the course of grooming our performing skills would not only bolster our course of study and training in Christian theatre, but also a wonderful and God-breathed addition to the spiritual goals I set for this year! Hence my reason for trying out for the VESSEL, as nervous as I was: I want to develop my interest in the performing arts and use whatever I have in this area in the service of our Lord, to give back at least a little something for all that He has done for me, and will do in times to come!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Testing, Testing

It's amazing how personalities emerge and flourish during the exam period. I'm having fun looking at people studying, and teaching others... Although the latter is getting a little annoying. [*wink*]

For me it is an ultimate chance to relax. The papers are not as tough as I had originally expected, but there are those stiff-necked lecturers who are determined to give us hell. Okay, not really, I just forgot to study a few areas.

But still, it's been nice. The maximum hours I spent on any subject are five. In total. I spent more time watching episodes than class notes.

I've been engaged with a group of friends lately, studying - mostly. There are some multitasking on the computer, some who get distracted easily, some who won't stop talking under the pretext of teaching others (I'm just being unfair here, don't mind me, it humours me), and some who just finds any excuse to avoid studying last minute.
I think I'm the last one. I'm putting off studying English... but what the heck right? I already aced the subject without even trying.

In other areas, a party is soon in order. Plans are set and will be in motion in a few hours. The only drawback for me is my great-uncle passing away. I'm being skewered for hosting a party at the condo while the wake is still going on. All vestiges of guilt are being washed away by how unforgiving my parents were at my so-called insensitivity. It's not like I can help it - how can I tell forty people it's off when everyone's paid and geared to come?

And then there's my new writing project. A collection of letters from one guy to another, long distance relationship. A direct result of reading too many romance manga. My first letter's done, sounds solid enough to get the ball going. Gonna find some time to write at least one every day.

Testing, testing,
it drives everyone a-running,
little tempers start to sting,
some will be psychologist-hunting.

Testing, testing,
it gets everyone howling,
fun and games are in the bin,
start playing and you'll get "what are you doing?!"

Testing, testing,
everyone wants an ending,
and even when that is nearing,
the lecturers won't stop pestering!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Story So Far...

I. Can't. Believe. It's. Been. So. Long, Since. I. Wrote. Anything.

Jeez, seriously, it's been almost half a year. One whole Semester.
That's right, I'm nearing the end of my first semester doing Culinary Arts.
In fact, I'm in the middle of exams. How pathetic. But the truth is, our lecturer gave us a lot of tips so I hope that was enough.

I'm really excited as the year draws to a close. I haven't got back to my real self yet, but I feel it's getting there. In fact, I dare say there's been quite a few changes, and I really look forward to the last month of the year and the year ahead.

So to recap...
1. Been serving in the church choir and have been a backstage crew for the church productions. (I really like our nickname - the Men in Black, MIB. Heh.)
2. Written a few installments for my short story series... although it has recently been stalled for one edition because I was fairly busy with assignments. Yeah, didn't know you have to write that much for a Culinary Arts course.
3. Even been to a few vacations. It seems we go every couple of months. Frankly, it's a bit tiring, but a welcome break to a routine that is growing increasingly dreary.
4. Took charge of the food served in our campus youth gatherings. It's been fun, not as much experience as working in a hotel or restaurant but a good way to practice, since it's not as stressful.
5. Been doing daily devotions. It's called journaling, something my church started last year. It's really a good way to read the Bible and letting God talk to me through the Word.


Honestly, I did find it strange staring at my blog with nothing to write. If I were a manga character, my head would be hung, my hair covering my face so you can hardly see my eyes... In fact, I would look so depressed you can't see my entire face, just a whole section of vertical lines. Some artists might even draw spooky ghostly vapours to signify bad depression vibes.
Well, that's just to give you an idea.

Why I haven't been blogging? Well, at first it's because of the job I took up in June, but as the months progress it's been the college classes, then the assignments ... and recently a whole database of TV series I downloaded. [Disclaimer: I will neither confirm nor deny if it is illegal.]

And why now? ... I guess it's because I feel like it. I've been doing a lot of that lately - if something is not compulsory, as in completely voluntary, I'll only do it when I feel like it. It's a welcome change from the rigidness of boarding life routine that I missed so much in recent times.

So before I sign off (as I really need to do some last minute studying - my next paper's in 75 minutes!), here's to hoping I'll return here and make that 50th post milestone.

All the best, to you and to me!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Going On / Stopping Still

Life goes on - a cliche that seems to be used at every possible occurrence, even for the most mundane of things. People like to use it after an event of enormous proportions with possible life-changing side-effects. Whatever that affects you, may have little to no effect to others, and thus life that encompasses all that is in the world goes on like before, like the never ending currents of time.

But for an event that makes everything pause, another cliche is used - as though life, or time, stopped still. Events on this scale may have comparably huge proportions, but affects everyone and makes them stop and consider what has happened, and what life is and would be here on in. Questions will be asked: How did it happened? How could it have happened? What will we do, what will life be, after this happened? Can the world ever be the same?

Which would you rather prefer, life going on or stopping still, when you do something extraordinary? Would you prefer that everyone move on regardless of what you're doing or what happens to you, or would you prefer the whole world, or at least the world you know, to stop and turn their attention to you?

More importantly, what would your choice say about you?

Certainly, the former choice can only point to your selflessness, and perhaps to your humility, that you acknowledge the fact that in the grand scheme of things, you represent but a tiny detail. That would be the general perception, but are you thinking that there are perhaps other possibility? Could it be that you are hopelessly altruistic, that in action and even in death you still think of others before of yourself? Or could it be that you are shameful of your existence, and you would prefer that everyone just turn their eyes away for you? For that matter, could you be suicidal? (Mind you, this is just a thought.)

What about the latter choice? Would you agree that in choosing for life stopping still for you, you are to some degree attention-seeking? Could you be suffering from attention-deficit disorder, the dreaded ADD? Certainly, if you want everyone's attention, it could only mean that you think the world revolves around you. The general perception must be that you are selfish. But are we, if we take this option? Perhaps we are just admitting to, and even accepting, our natural human instinct. The proof is in an innocent child, who desires, and deserves, our every drop of attention. A child seeks the approval in the things he do, and must demand that the world stood still for him.

Of course, you can't expect to choose one and stick to it your whole life. No one is that rigid. The question is, which would you more likely choose more? Then again, you can't expect this to be the absolute truth. Perhaps you have something to add?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Jewel of a Friend

Reflecting on our first times together,
As fleeting images roll past the windows,
Can I have been so blessed with
Heaven's companion, so gentle and beautiful?
Endless days separate our meetings,
Longing marks these "miss you" nights.

Time is not our friend,
As times spent together
Never lasts more than a few hours.

Hence, I treasure what times we had
Until we meet again;
Await I will for that smile
You reserve for friends only.

You are the jewel of a friend; I can search for an
Eternity, but never will I find one that can compare to you.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I think I should have time for a short update. At the time of writing I have 13 minutes before the restaurant opens for the night shift...

Been actively serving as associate cook and did a stint of waiting this afternoon. My cooking still needs work in the areas I've been allowed to cook for the customers i.e. Chicken Milano, Spaghetti Aglio Olio, but they are minor flaws and can be easily remedied with a few more attempts.

I'm not swamped by work, seriously. I've got plenty of time to rest in between tasks and shifts, like now. Got time to read up on Egypt's New Kingdom, to get some info for my short stories series, and tinkered a little with Scroll II. Although, Anubis is taking its time to form, I'm a little stuck at describing Osiris' cenotaph.

Back to the restaurant, so far I've been exposed to a variety of Nonya cooking, as well as the aforementioned recipes, Spaghetti Carbonara, Oxtail Soup, Lamb Chops and the like. Outside the menu, my mentor has generously given me a look at Swedish meatballs and lemon cheesecake - the latter which will be tested at a birthday party the restaurant is hosting for the boss' son, at which I am expected to attend and cook for.

These few days I've been in a text chat with a girl I met at camp. It's been fun, I got to know her better, and at a glance you might even think I'm rather attracted to her. She does appeal to me, we do have quite a few things in common, but it's only been two weeks, and so it's very hard to say. We only met once after the camp, and that was with a big group of other people who went to the camp. I'd like to have an outing together, but she said she's uncomfortable with the offer. I did say I'd invite a few other people, a bigger group so to speak, and we can even shop around for stuff for a poolside-cum-housewarming party that seems to be on everyone's mind.
All-in-all, I'd like to get to know her better, face-to-face. Need to work harder...

Monday, June 7, 2010


Now I can proudly say that I am no longer an unemployed person! My days for the coming month right up till Orientation Day in my new college will be filled up with learning from the chef at a restaurant near my parents' company.

I have just finished my first shift, 9.30am to 3.00pm and I can say that it was good. I discovered some useful tips for a few pasta sauces as well as seen some local cuisine in the making. Fortunately my job does not include any cleaning of the restaurant, but just some cooking preparations i.e. chopping up onions and carrots.

Sure I have to give up some of my usual past-time activities; I can't watch movies during the day when so few people are around the house; I can't enjoy a book without caring about the time; I can't supervise anything going on in the house, especially now when we still have stuff being moved in; and I certainly can't cook for myself anymore. But it is all for a good cause for which I most certainly do not mind sacrificing a few menial hobbies.

On a minor note before signing off, I have internet access again! Now I can come in between shifts to the office to go online, so I won't be too bored at home or at work.

Alright, I'm running out of thoughts to write, so sayonara.