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Innovations in Transportation Cost Management

Intoday's intensely competitive marketplace, it is moreimportant than ever that companies large and small keepa close watch on their transportation expenditures. Theyoften find these expenditures are much higher than theywere aware because of hidden costs. Like the proverbialiceberg, many contributing factors such as routing, formpreparation, data collection, analysis, customer serviceand carrier management lurk below the water line.

 Since 1989 Capital Transportation Services. has been a leader in the3rd Party Logistics Industry. Its team of Professionalshave combined experience of over 100 years inTransportation. Our team of professionals is dedicatedto lowering our Clients' total logistics cost. OurMission is to deliver success to our customers throughcutting edge technology and process design. Our processwill aid in reducing transportation logistics costs andimprove productivity in today's intensely competitiveenvironment.

CTS services encompass both domestic and internationallogistics. Warehousing, carrier negotiations, cuttingedge software technology for managing LTL rating,routing, optimizing, international formpreparation as well as freight bill audit, payment, andreporting are all part of the process.

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