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Quoted from Top Gears Jeremy Clarkson:

This is a "he" man car, its a brute, its the kind of thing that would go out and ... and eat some tractor... for fun.  I Wish Porsche still made it today..... instead of that silly Cayenne - Jeremy Clarkson


By rights, I should hate the 928. It was the first press test car I ever crashed. And I used one to go and see my dad the day before he died. I also disliked the dreadful ride quality in later models. And yet, even today, when one grumbles by, my head does the full Linda Blair. It is, I think, one of the best-looking cars ever made.
- Jeremy Clarkson


ThePorsche 928

"In 1977, Porsche introducedan automobile that virtually swept the "European Car of theYear" nominations - unheard of for a two-plus-two sports car. Fromits front-mounted, water-cooled aluminum alloy V-8 to its rear-mountedtransaxle and spacious luxury for two, the exquisitely engineered 928 wasveritably packed with exciting design and engineering innovations.Representing a distinct departure for Porsche from its traditional smallerair-cooled sports cars, this automobile created a dazzling new standard ofexcellence in high performance sports cars.

The visually stunning Porsche 928 went on to influence the shape of sportscars in the decade that followed. But despite many emulators, the 928 hasremained always, then as now, virtually in a class by itself. It aloneoffers the ultimate embodiment of performance, luxury, and quality."
-Porsche 1987 928S4 Factory Brochure


SomePorsche 928 background

In may appearstrange that Porsche in the 1970's decided to build a new car that wouldbe different from the successful 911 at the time. Helmuth Flegl, who wasin charge of the Porsche 928 project at Zuffenhausen (Stuttgart area insouth of Germany) designed a new GT type car that had to be a big, heavyopulent to the trim Carrera. It was not meant to race, but to appealskilled (and rich) drivers who do thousands of miles a week on themotorways from one end of Europe to the other end rather than to raceweekend circuits.

This certainly influenced the decision to use anengine with more cylinders to reduce vibrations, liquid-cooled to reducenoise and thermodynamic problems, and placed in front to gain passengerand luggage space.

The 928 project started out with a uniquephilosophy, because it had to be a magnificent sports car with exceptionalqualities. The head designer Anatole Lapine had one eye on the reallyextraordinary mechanical base they had to clothe, and the other on thecar's natural rivals, including the 911 itself. After 15 years of slightmodifications in production development the car still looks stunningly thesame. The nose is a bit more curvaceous, incorporating the big shieldbumpers which have been one of the 928 most distinctive traits. So havethe headlights with their wonderful pop-up  system. When not in usethey are (for aerodynamic reasons) staring up in the sky.

The tail side has changed somewhat during thelast 15 years. An indeed good looking wing was mounted, not enormous butvery professional. It styled the already impressive view from behind withthe big 245/45 tires to complete the image of a potent car.

The Porsche 928 GTS is a 2+2 coupe, front engined,liquid cooled, rear drive, with a steel monochoque body. The engine is anall-alloy V8, with a 90 degrees included angle between the two banks ofcylinders: bore is 103.9 mm, stroke 87.9 mm giving a capacity of 5397 cm3 Thecompression ratio is 10.4:1, timing is done by two overhead camshafts (2 perbank) with 2 intake and 2 exhaust valves with automatic play control,placed in a 'V' around the central sparkplug. The high compression ratiodoes not prevent the use of RON95 unleaded fuel despite of its RON98 design, thanks to mappedelectronic advance (the EZK computer) and electronic knock control. Thefuel system is controlled by a Bosch LH-Jetronic injection (FI computer)with hot probe, fuel cut-off during deceleration, and automatic idlingcontrol. The engine delivers a 350 Hp at 5700 Rpm, and a torque of 510 Nm at 4250 Rpm. It uses a Porsche electronically controlled Slip Differential to and a 5 speed manual or 4speed auto transmission to transfer the power to the 17" wheels.

Driving the beast is really remarkably easy.Excellent road behavior, even at extreme speeds. Great performance, greatsafety, great pleasure. Driving is comfortable, it's relaxing, verystable, very fast. Luxury and performance combined in a well styled GTsports car that still looks great after over 20 years. People still turn theirhead while staring at the car when passing by, wondering if this is a newPorsche model.

It will probably remain an exotic car forever: A classby itself !

Porsche has simply made a car which has alwaysbeen an example of how a GT of the next generation should run.

"Nothing is substitute for excellence. Noteven success." (Thomas Boswell)


Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, 2. May 1997 - For 20 years this car has been the dream sports car: The Porsche 928. As no other car from Zuffenhausen, this car combined bothpower with luxury. 1972, a quarter of a century ago, Porsche Design Studiopresented a new car from the Weissach breed called "Typ 928".Five years later the car was taken into production.

The same as the Porsche 924 and 944 the "Typ928" had a Transaxle-Construction. The engine was placed front andwas connected to the gearbox by a Transaxle. Since 1972 this setup,triggered by the Mercedes 350 SL release, had to do two million testkilometers. Only after this torture the 928 was presented to the car showat Geneva in Switzerland. In 1978 the Porsche 928 was elected as thefirst, and up until now <only sports car>, "Car of theYear". In the same year  a design-jury elected the same modelfor "Style Auto Trophy".

In those days, when the cast-iron engine wascommon, Porsche gave the 928 already an Aluminum Engine. The 4.5Liter-power plant was capable of pushing 240 HP and accelerated in 7.7seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. The max speed was 220 km/h. In the lastversion of the car, the 928 GTS, the car had 5.4 Liter hub and 350 HP. Performance went up to 0-100 km/h in 5,7 to 5.9 sec and a top speed of 275km/h. Torque increased from 350Nm in the early 928 up to 500Nm in the GTS models.

Further development of the 928 S in 1980 gave thecar an automatic transmission, resulting in the fastest car  withauto tranny. The especially for the 928 developed "Weissach-Achse",a steering rear-wheel axle, took care of creating a superb behavior incurves at changing loads. With this development Porsche was years ahead ofthe competition. Many years later the Japanese brands released theirelectronically controlled four-wheel steering.

In 1986 the Porsche 928 S4 was the fastest "Katalysator-Fahrzeug"in the world. Two years later the factory standard car was even equippedwith a tire pressure control system. Again way ahead of the competition.

Technical supremacy and luxury however had theirprice. The base version of  1977 was 60.000 Mark ($30.000),eventually leading up to 160.000 Mark ($80.000). Despite of the exclusiveprice, this sports car was build and sold 61.000 times in its 18 yearslifecycle. Not many sports cars can match this.

When Porsche needed the Zuffenhausen productionplant for the new Boxster, the production of the 928 ended....... sadly.


With a standard 928 GTS the 24hour speed record using a standard sports coupe was broken. The car was driven over regular motorway from Austria to a test track at Nardo, Italy. The test run was an initiative of Franz Doppler and 3 colleagues racing a 928. On that track 6377,25 km were done in 24 hours, leading to an average of 265,74 km/h. After this spectacular test drive the car was taken back like it came, over the regular motorway. A small detour one could say....


This website is dedicated to the Porsche 928 and especially to S4, GT, and GTS models.

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